Wrapping Up

Making Sure You Have What You Need For the Future

Winding down projects takes more than a simple, movie-style handoff. Projects will generally continue on, even if we are no longer involved in them. This is why we need to make sure the winding down process will give your project the resources it needs to fulfill its designed lifespan.

Documentation Handover

What did we do to bring your project to fruition? How are all the parts operated? What should you do to properly troubleshoot an issue? These are the type of questions that need to be not just answered, but answered in a manner that can be easily looked up and referenced by those taking over your project. At the conclusion of each major step, we will create any documentation necessitated by the step, while everything is still fresh in our minds. This not only reduces errors in documentation, but also avoids the typical rush at the end of projects to write everything up, creating project timeline unpredictabilities. Here, we would simply hand those documents to you.

Knowledge Transfer

Not everything we have done fits neatly into a documentation form. While it is our goal to eliminate as much tacit knowledge as possible, we are also prepared to have specific 1-on-1s with your chosen personnel to cover any questions unanswered by our documentations. A very common scenario of this is the need to explain the reasons behind how the documentations are organized. As they are created at different times, for different purposes, and by different team members, it is generally more efficient to make the reasons known through direct Q&A sessions, rather than going back and attempt to standardize the documents through rewrites.

Access Termination

All this takes is disabling all of our accounts, right? Well, not quite. Over the duration of a project, there can be hundreds of different accounts created across a multitude of environments. Most of these accounts can be simply terminated. But some require having a proper replacement account in place before termination to not lose important information, and some might not be terminable at all. We will work closely with you to identify all such “accounts of interest” and take the necessary steps to ensure your records, systems, and operations are not adversely impacted.


“Lessons learned” is tremendously valuable, both for us and for you. As you venture forward with this project and expand onto bigger and greater projects, please remember that we will always be here for you. We have several mentorship service solutions available to help you further capitalize on the things we have learned during your project and other projects since, to give you the ever-evolving competitive advantage to stay one step ahead of others. We, here at BLT, don’t just aim to build one-off software solutions; we seek to foster, create, and cement relationships, so together, we can grow faster.


When all is set and done, it is time for us to say one final “Congratulations!” Through working together on this project, we have surely shared many moments of joy, surprise, frustration, and growth. It will certainly be a memory that we cherish, and we hope it will be the same for you. Let’s go share one last drink together in celebration, and look jointly forward to the next time we collaborate!